Ruby Meetup Resources

Help for running a ruby meetup.


Running a meetup can be quite a lot of effort. We thought it would be great to make it easier for meetups to share resources which they've created, which could be used by other meetups. So far there are just a couple of resources, but we are hopeful this list will grow, especially with your support.

Please tweet, mail your friends, and generally help get the word out there!

Contribution Guidelines

Ideally we are looking for hack night / game resources. While we do have a list of beginner Ruby resources, ideally we are looking for things which are:

  1. Ready to go..
    There shouldn't be too much configuration required to get the resource running. Otherwise it's not making your life easier ;)
  2. Have a collaboration / team / game environment..
    There are lots of great resources out there for coding challeges etc (some listed on the beginner page), but what we're looking for is something "fun", like the robotwars, or a scoreboard for some sort of coding challenge type event. Well, that's the ideal anyway, but sure it's all up for debate, and if you have something to contribute or a different idea, you can simply fork this middleman website and send us a pull request with your information in a markdown file. Instructions available on the repo's README

Current Resources

Pair programming event guide

A pair-programming event can be a great way to get participants of all skill levels to interact with...


Raffler provides a way to raffle among attendees of your meetup. We at Slovenia Ruby User Group have...


Robotwars gives you a virtual battlefield where you program an AI tank and pit it against your opponents...

Ruby warrior

Rubywarrior Scoreboard is a scoreboard website for ruby-warrior. If you haven't seen ruby-warrior...